Online check and toll violations payment

Online check and toll violations payment


Online it is easy and fast to check if your vehicle has a violation related to vignettes or and provide an opportunity to have a check only by entering the registration number of the car and the country of registration, receiving information about the day and type of the violation.
If you are informed in a timely manner, this gives you the opportunity to pay a compensatory fee in the amount set by the state, instead of a higher fine when 14 days have passed from the moment of delivery of the electronic ticket for the violation. Payment is also fast and secure on the online platform, and is reflected immediately in real time in the toll system, without having to wait, unlike bank transfer.
Voluntarily paying a compensatory fee under Art. 10, para. 2 of the Roads Act, releases the owner or user of a road vehicle from administrative-penal liability for the specific violation and shall not pay a fine in full.
The compensatory fees are respectively BGN 70 for light vehicles and BGN 150, 450 or 750 for heavy goods vehicles and buses, depending on the weight of the vehicle and the number of axles.
The full amounts of the fines for violations for vignettes and tolls are: BGN 300 for light vehicles up to 3.5 tons and BGN 1,800 or 2,500 for vehicles over 3.5 tons, depending on the type of violation.
Through the toll platforms and you can monitor online 24/7 the services used for your vehicle, pay tolls and quickly, easily and conveniently check the validity of vignettes or violations, create a user profile and use functionalities as reminder and others.

  • 04-12-2019

One of the most preferred advantages of the user account of is the receipt of email notifications for the expiration of the validity of a registered vignette.

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