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  • 01-03-2021
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TollPass – all road taxes in one place

TollPass is the online platform of the transportation industry and provides not only payment of all types of road taxes, but also a full reporting for the services used, records and other tools, which facilitate road haulers

  • 27-05-2019
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New tolling system in Bulgaria

The fee will be determined by the road class, the distance travelled, the category, the emission class and the number of axles of the vehicle. ITS AD will offer the most modern and convenient solution for paying tolls in Bulgaria.

  • 12-04-2019
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How shall the toll tax be paid

The reporting and payment of toll taxes will be made via an on-board unit or through a route pass Vehicles with a total technically permissible maximum weight over 3,5 t will have to pay toll tax for using the paid road network

TollPass APP
Quick access to all toll services

Easy purchase of electronic vignettes. Real-time route tracking for route pass. Fast top-up of prepaid contract balance. Reliable check and payment of violations.

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