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What is an electronic vignette - e-Vignette?

This is an electronic document by means of Article 3, paragraph 1, of the Law on Electronic Documentation and Electronic Certification Services. The electronic vignette certifies the payment of a vignette fee for the use of the paid road network in the Republic of Bulgaria for a certain period of time. The check for the presence of a valid electronic vignette is done by detecting the registration numbers with mobile and stationary cameras.

For which categories of road vehicles is it necessary to purchase an electronic vignette?

Electronic vignette should be bought for vehicles up to 3.5t that are driven along the paid road network:

  • Light and light weight vehicles with maximum technical weight allowed up to 3.5 tons
  • Trailers and caravans for towing

* Motorcycles, tricycles, ATV are exempt from vignette fees.

What are the prices and the periods of validity of the electronic vignette?

Passenger cars, light goods vehicles, sport-utility vehicles up to 3.5 t and trailer/caravan:

WEEK BGN 13,00
YEAR BGN 87,00

*Weekend vignette is with a fixed validity period - from Friday 12:00 to Sunday 23:59

How to input the data from the license plate?

Enter the data of the license plate number with capital letter and without comma, dash or space.

The Bulgarian license plates contain letters that are common for Cyrillic and Latin - A, B, E, K, M, H, O, R, C, T, U, X. You can use both Cyrillic and Latin to enter the data that must exactly match the license plate.

Some foreign license plates from older series or such that are not under European unification standards for license plate numbers, may contain diacritical signs:

  • The signs Ä, Ö, Ü must be entered in full compliance and exactly as they look like on the license plate number;
  • The signs Č, Ć, Ž, Š, Đ must be entered with their corresponding standard letters - C, Z, S, D

The symbols 0 (zero) and O (letter) are not interchangeable.

The enforcement system and cameras are set to recognize license plates that contain diacritical signs while the vehicle is travelling.

Before payment, please make sure that you have entered the registration plate number correctly, as well as the correct country of registration (shown on the registration number).

Can I buy electronic vignette from today?

Yes, the electronic vignette becomes valid from the moment of payment of the corresponding amount and receipt of confirmation of successful purchase via an electronic vignette receipt in PDF format.

Can I purchase more than one electronic vignette with one payment?

Yes, you can purchase up to 30 electronic vignettes with one payment. To facilitate registered users, we have provided an automatic import into an Excel file. This feature facilitates legal entities with a large vehicle fleet.

Should I purchase an electronic vignette for a trailer/caravan?

When the total weight of a car + trailer/caravan exceeds 3.5 t, then the purchase of the electronic vignette for a trailer/caravan is required. The e-Vignette validity for the trailer/caravan may be different from the e-Vignette validity for the vehicle.

Do I need to purchase an electronic vignette for a heavy goods vehicle or for a bus?

No. As of March 1, 2020, all vehicles with total technically permissible maximum mass of over 3.5 t pay toll. Learn all about tolling in Bulgaria at

How earlier can I purchase an electronic vignette?

You can purchase an electronic vignette not earlier than 30 days from its initial validity date.

If I'm checked on the road by the control authorities, should I provide any proof that I have purchased an electronic vignette?

No, it is not necessary to provide any proof. The control for purchased electronic vignette shall be carried out by stationary and mobile cameras, by detecting the registration plate numbers of the vehicles.

I lost the paper copy for the electronic vignette. How can I get a new copy?

If you are a registered user at, you can re-print the electronic vignette through your account.

In case you do not have a registration, you can email us at Please provide the license plate and specify an e-mail to send you the document.

Can I refuse the purchase of an electronic vignette?

No, that's impossible. If an electronic vignette is activated, it cannot be denied.

Important: In case of incorrectly entered data and activated e-Vignette, the amounts you have paid are not subject to refund.

Do I need an electronic vignette for a motorcycle or ATV?

No. Motorcycles, tricycles, ATVs, and motorcycles with sidecar - do not pay vignette fee or electronic vignette.

Can I check the validity of my electronic vignette?

You can check the validity period of your electronic vignette on - Check vignette.

I want to purchase electronic vignettes for motor vehicles owned by a legal entity. Can I get a VAT invoice?

The vignette fee is a state fee and no VAT is charged on the amount paid. For your purchase, you will receive a receipt for the electronic vignette, representing an electronic document within the meaning of Article 3, para 1 of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act. The electronic vignette receipt will include the vehicle registration plate number, eVignette validity period, initial validity date, Vignette ID number.

What document will I get when buying an electronic vignette?

You will receive an "Electronic vignette receipt" in PDF format that contains the data specified by the user or owner for the registration plate number and country of registration of the vehicle.

I bought an electronic vignette via, but I've entered the wrong registration plate number. Is it possible my purchase to be canceled and to refund the amount paid?

No, that's impossible. The responsibility for the correctness of the declared and registered data is assumed by the customer/user/third party - the buyer. In case of incorrectly entered data and activated eVignette, the amounts you have paid are not subject to refund.

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