Please carefully check the data entered - registration plate number, country of registration, and validity period. In case of incorrectly entered data and activated eVignette, the amounts paid are not subject to refund.

Prices of Electronic Vignettes valid for 2023 for passenger cars and light goods vehicles with Technically Permitted Maximum Mass up to 3.5 t

Category 3

Road vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers, road vehicles designed for the transportation of loads and/or road vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers and loads, including with a trailer, with a technically permissible maximum mass of up to 3,5 tons as well as the all-terrain vehicles from this group.

WEEK BGN 13,00
YEAR BGN 87,00

As of 01.01.2019, prices of Electronic Vignettes for trailers and caravans are set as follows:

When a road vehicle of Category 3 is coupled to a trailer/caravan, irrespective of the number of axles of the trailer/caravan, the owner or user must pay an additional vignette fee for the same vehicle category with the trailer attached, provided that the maximum permissible mass of the composition does exceed 3,5 t.


You can purchase an electronic vignette up to 30 days earlier than its start date.

As of March 1, 2020, all vehicles with total technically permissible maximum mass of over 3.5 tonnes pay toll. Learn all about tolling in Bulgaria at

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