Register a vignette and receive validity notifications

Register a vignette and receive validity notifications


Amendments to the Roads Act adopted in February 2023 to provide the possibility of notifying users of the toll road network of expiring periods of validity of electronic vignettes enter into force on 01 June 2023.

In its capacity as a National toll service provider for electronic toll charging, Intelligent Traffic Systems AD provides an opportunity to easily register for notifications about the validity of all vignettes purchased from all partner sites. All customers who purchased vignettes online from or have been receiving notifications about the upcoming expiration of the validity period since 2019. With the developed registration portal, the company will also send notifications to those who have purchased a vignette from the points of sale of the partner network. Thousands of users have already registered their expiry notification vignettes.

The partner sites where you can buy a vignette and get information on how to register data to receive notifications are: the shops of A1 Bulgaria, the offices of Bulgarian Post, Izipey, Fastpay, Omnikar and partners, filling stations OMV, Rompetrol, Gazprom Petrol , Cruise, Benita, DMV, Taho Ventsi auto services.

Each customer can scan the QR code from the vignette purchase document and enter their contact details themselves, through which they will be notified before the vignette expires, and from August 1st will be informed in case of registered license plate violations. Entering contact details takes few seconds and can be done at any time.

The registration portal is also accessible from the homepage of the most used online platform for the sale of electronic vignettes You can also register vignettes purchased before June 1, 2023 and receive notifications before expiration. Register all family or company cars and be informed in time.

  • 06-10-2022

The annual vignette becomes BGN 87, instead of BGN 97. The 10% discount applies to all types of electronic vignettes - for a weekend vignette - 9 BGN, for a weekly vignette - 13 BGN, for a monthly vignette - 27 BGN, and for a quarterly vignette - 48 BGN

  • 26-05-2022

Liability insurance on offers a real-time calculation of an accurate offer with individual discounts under the most favorable conditions of the insurer

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