TollPass EETS – One continent. One on-board unit

TollPass EETS – One continent. One on-board unit


Tollpass EETS – the European service with the widest coverage

Tollpass EETS is accessible for all clients on

Tollpass EETS unites different toll payment systems in 11 countries – Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Poland

TollPass EETS provides an affordable and complete solution to the heavy transport industry – with one contract and using one on-board unit (TollPass EUROBOX OBU) for reporting and charging in all these countries.

EETS is the formula that eases toll charging

Thousands of haulers travel regularly across many countries, each of them having a different policy and toll system. Drivers need to use several on-board units, each of which communicates with the respective system. EETS makes it easy for drivers, as well as for managers – drivers work and monitor only one device, while managers are having a global view of the movement and the expenses of all vehicles with one contract toward one service provider – TollPass.

With TollPass EETS is simple

  • All active EETS domains for toll charging in one device – TollPass EUROBOX
  • Easy toll payment in Europe with one device and one contract
  • client portal for registration, online conclusion, and management of a contract, TollPass EUROBOX on-board units order requests.
  • Direct activation or deactivation of different countries for toll charging on
  • Detailed statements and reports about all toll transactions for each vehicle per country on
  • Effortless TollPass EUROBOX installation in the vehicle
  • TollPass EETS service can be activated for one or more toll domains

With TollPass EUROBOX is convenient

TollPass EUROBOX maintains toll services for: Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Germany (Warnow and Herren tunnels incl.), Belgium (Liefkenshoek tunnel incl.), France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Poland. The toll service includes the usage of the entire road network of a country, or a certain part of it that is subject to toll, and in some countries also rest areas, parking lots and others.

  • 20-05-2021

For every active vignette, regardless of where it was initially purchased, TollPass App could sends a reminder of its expiring validity on the screen of the smart phone

  • 01-03-2021

TollPass is the online platform of the transportation industry and provides not only payment of all types of road taxes, but also a full reporting for the services used, records and other tools, which facilitate road haulers

  • 18-10-2019

The TollPass On-Board Unit (TollPass OBU) is a solution for the companies in the transport industry that supply or transport passengers on a daily basis. The On-Board Unit, together with the toll registration and monitoring provides a complete tolling solution.

TollPass APP
Quick access to all toll services

Easy purchase of electronic vignettes. Real-time route tracking for route pass. Fast top-up of prepaid contract balance. Reliable check and payment of violations.

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