TollPass App with new functionalities

TollPass App with new functionalities


TollPass App mobile application is free and can be accessed in GooglePlay, AppStore and AppGallery. The new services are created especially for the clients’ convenience, reachable directly from their smart phone:

About the clients using electronic vignettes


When entering the data for an active vignette, regardless of where it was initially purchased, TollPass App sends a reminder of its expiring validity on the screen of the smart phone.

Electronic vignettes validity renewal is always on time, with the registration data saved in the TollPass App .


About the clients using Route Passes


TollPass App will immediately alert the driver's phone if it deviates from the pre-selected route. This protects him from imposed sanctions and fines.

Sharing the route with the driver - Fleet managers can purchase a route pass and share the route with the driver. The driver can choose for which active route pass to start the FOLLOW ROUTE function.


About clients using automatic toll charging service

  • Information about the contract balance for automatic toll charging (Prepaid contract, Postpaid contract)
  • Top up amounts in prepaid contracts
  • Access to current due contract amounts
  • Toll calculator for calculating separate trips according to start and end point
  • Violation check and compensatory fee payment


All the described functionalities are accessible with a user profile. One user profile gives access to the full functionality on, and in the TollPass App.

  • 20-05-2021

For every active vignette, regardless of where it was initially purchased, TollPass App could sends a reminder of its expiring validity on the screen of the smart phone

  • 01-03-2021

TollPass is the online platform of the transportation industry and provides not only payment of all types of road taxes, but also a full reporting for the services used, records and other tools, which facilitate road haulers

  • 18-10-2019

The TollPass On-Board Unit (TollPass OBU) is a solution for the companies in the transport industry that supply or transport passengers on a daily basis. The On-Board Unit, together with the toll registration and monitoring provides a complete tolling solution.

TollPass APP
Quick access to all toll services

Easy purchase of electronic vignettes. Real-time route tracking for route pass. Fast top-up of prepaid contract balance. Reliable check and payment of violations.

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