Free electronic vignettes for people with disabilities

Free electronic vignettes for people with disabilities


After the introduction of the new electronic vignette in the country, the question arose of how disabled people will use their right to a free vignette fee, bearing in mind the new electronic format of the previous vignette stickers. The right to a free one-year vignette for one car is granted to persons with 50% and more than 50% reduced working capacity or type and degree of disability.
Such a vignette can also be obtained by those raising children with permanent disabilities up to the age of 18 and until the completion of secondary education, but not older than the age of 20. People meeting these conditions will be entitled to a single free annual vignette fee for a car with an engine volume of no more than 2,000 cubic cm and a power of no more than 160 hp. To claim your right to a free electronic vignette, you need to submit an application to the regional Directorates of "Social Assistance". As of April 1, 2018, no a copy of TELK's expert decisions is required, as well as a motor vehicle registration certificate - these documents will be checked on an official basis by the employees of the directorates.
You can check for its issuance on the website of the Social Assistance Agency in the specially created section: When checking by registration number at -vignette you will receive a message that there is no vignette for it. All free vignettes issued through the Social Assistance Agency appear in the system of control bodies and come out immediately upon verification. If you are entitled to a free vignette and have checked that you are approved, quite you can safely use the republican road network

  • 06-10-2022

The annual vignette becomes BGN 87, instead of BGN 97. The 10% discount applies to all types of electronic vignettes - for a weekend vignette - 9 BGN, for a weekly vignette - 13 BGN, for a monthly vignette - 27 BGN, and for a quarterly vignette - 48 BGN

  • 26-05-2022

Liability insurance on offers a real-time calculation of an accurate offer with individual discounts under the most favorable conditions of the insurer

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