Instructions for correct data entry

Instructions for correct data entry


Before making the payment, make sure that all data required for the activation of an electronic vignette match the data in the registration certificate. 

As a national toll service provider, we would like to inform and facilitate consumers buying electronic vignettes.

Before making the purchase, carefully review and check all the data required for the electronic vignette activation. These are the registration number of the vehicle, the country of registration, the category, the period of validity and the desired activation date. For heavy goods vehicles, be careful when entering the emission class, which must be filled in for purchase purposes.

The users are entirely responsible for incorrectly entered data. In case of incorrectly entered data and an activated vignette, corrections are not possible and the amounts paid are not refundable.

Correction is only possible at the time of purchase and immediately prior to the activation of the vignette. The recording in the system is considered an activation, although the validity period may have a start date of up to 30 days after the date of purchase. 

Useful information:

Registration number

No dash, point or interval, shall be used when entering the vehicle registration number, even if they appear visually on the registration plate.

The Bulgarian registration numbers in their standard form contain letters common for Cyrillic and Latin - A, B, E, K, M, H, O, P, C, T, Y and X. Therefore, the system allows the use of both Cyrillic and Latin. The entered characters must visually correspond exactly to the number on the license plate and the registration certificate.

Some foreign registration numbers of an older type or those that do not comply with European standards for registration numbers contain specific symbols, such as those attached below, and their entry is required if the registration certificate and plate contain it (you can also buy at The cameras that are part of the toll control system recognize the following specific letters:

Country of registration

It is obligatory to input the country of registration of the vehicle and not the country of manufacture.


For passenger cars - select K3.

For a trailer or caravan - select K3 trailer/caravan. Select only if there is a trailer / caravan attached to the vehicle and the total permissible technical mass of the composition exceeds 3.5 tons. Its validity period may be different than the validity period  of the electronic vignette of the car.

  • 06-10-2022

The annual vignette becomes BGN 87, instead of BGN 97. The 10% discount applies to all types of electronic vignettes - for a weekend vignette - 9 BGN, for a weekly vignette - 13 BGN, for a monthly vignette - 27 BGN, and for a quarterly vignette - 48 BGN

  • 26-05-2022

Liability insurance on offers a real-time calculation of an accurate offer with individual discounts under the most favorable conditions of the insurer

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