What type of electronic vignette should the owners of caravans, trailers and campers purchase?

What type of electronic vignette should the owners of caravans, trailers and campers purchase?

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With summer approaching, we remind you that as of 1st January 2019 a road tax for caravans and trailers had been implemented, which together with the vehicle attached (Light vehicle from category 3) exceeds the total weight of 3.5 t.

Regardless the numbers of axles of the caravan/trailer, the owner or user must pay an additional vignette tax for the same category.

In case you have already purchased electronic vignette for the Light vehicle, you can buy a separate vignette for the caravan/trailer. Its validity period could be different from the validity period of the Light Vehicle.

In order to travel to your vacation place, you have the opportunity to purchase electronic vignette for the whole summer or shorter period of your choice.

Weekend vignette, for example, is suitable for one-time travels. Its validity starts on Friday at 12:00 and ends on Sunday at 23:59, and it costs 10lv.

Vignette tax is not payable, in times when the caravan/trailer is not in motion, but parked on the beach, for example.

If you own a camper, however, you must check whether the total maximum weight exceeds 3.5t. If so, you should purchase and vignette for Heavy Weight vehicle of Category 2.

You can make quick and easy online purchases for your caravan, trailer and camper on www.vinetki.bg and www.tollpass.bg – the online platforms of “Intelligent traffic systems” AD. Payment is done with only a bank card. If you prefer cash payment, this is possible through the ITS’ partner network: OMV, Lukoil, Eko Bulgaria and Petrol gas stations, A1 offices, Easy Pay cash desks, Bulgarian Posts offices and Tacho Venci service centres.

Upon check on the road by the control authorities, you are not obligated to provide any document as a proof of purchase of an electronic vignette.

  • 06-10-2022

The annual vignette becomes BGN 87, instead of BGN 97. The 10% discount applies to all types of electronic vignettes - for a weekend vignette - 9 BGN, for a weekly vignette - 13 BGN, for a monthly vignette - 27 BGN, and for a quarterly vignette - 48 BGN

  • 26-05-2022

Liability insurance on Vinetki.bg offers a real-time calculation of an accurate offer with individual discounts under the most favorable conditions of the insurer

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