Online liability insurance on

Online liability insurance on


Taking out the "Civil Liability" insurance is quick, convenient and completely online, saving you the time of searching and visiting a physical object. The platform acts as an insurance agent without additional fees for the owners of all types of vehicles, and the partner ZK "LevIns" AD provides a free hotline for assistance.

For almost four years now, the platform has been providing an easy purchase of an electronic vignette, which has successfully replaced the paper one and is available online at any time from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Intelligent Traffic Systems develops and adds new functionalities to road tolling services so that everything needed for passenger cars is available in one place.

The "Civil Liability" insurance is a service integrated into the platform and offers a real-time calculation of an accurate individual quote that we have to pay, offering the most advantageous conditions to the insurer. The steps after calculating the offer take no more than 2 min to get to the payment methods.

Payment under the insurance policy can be one-time or in installments and is made by bank card or bank transfer. The insurance policy, sticker and "Green Card" certificate are sent free of charge to the specified address, within 3 working days after the payment has been made.

Buy an electronic vignette and Civil Liability online from and receive multiple reminders before the expiration date, which makes it easier for you and gives you the opportunity to renew them on time.

  • 06-10-2022

The annual vignette becomes BGN 87, instead of BGN 97. The 10% discount applies to all types of electronic vignettes - for a weekend vignette - 9 BGN, for a weekly vignette - 13 BGN, for a monthly vignette - 27 BGN, and for a quarterly vignette - 48 BGN

  • 26-05-2022

Liability insurance on offers a real-time calculation of an accurate offer with individual discounts under the most favorable conditions of the insurer

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