How shall the toll tax be paid

How shall the toll tax be paid


Vehicles with a total technically permissible maximum weight exceeding 3,5 tons using the paid road network will pay a toll tax. The users can travel on the paid roads by using the following options for calculating the toll fee due:


On-board unit

This option is suitable for regular or frequent use of the paid road network.

The owner or user of the vehicles will have to sign a contract with ITS AD, company registered as a National Service Provider (NSP) for electronic toll collection, to obtain and install its on-board unit.

The on-board unit will be provided by ITS AD and it must be installed in the vehicle.

Using the on-board unit, the data transmissions will take place in real time. The reporting technology is based on the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).


Route pass

Route pass entitles a single vehicle to travel a single distance between two points on a predetermined route. It is also possible to enter intermediate points. The validity of the route pass is automatically calculated depending on the length of the road to be travelled and the number of the intermediate points selected.

The route pass is suitable for occasional or single-time trips on the paid road network.

It is also required payment method for users who have no contract with National Service Provider (NSP) for an on-board unit.

  • 20-05-2021

For every active vignette, regardless of where it was initially purchased, TollPass App could sends a reminder of its expiring validity on the screen of the smart phone

  • 01-03-2021

TollPass is the online platform of the transportation industry and provides not only payment of all types of road taxes, but also a full reporting for the services used, records and other tools, which facilitate road haulers

  • 18-10-2019

The TollPass On-Board Unit (TollPass OBU) is a solution for the companies in the transport industry that supply or transport passengers on a daily basis. The On-Board Unit, together with the toll registration and monitoring provides a complete tolling solution.

TollPass APP
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Easy purchase of electronic vignettes. Real-time route tracking for route pass. Fast top-up of prepaid contract balance. Reliable check and payment of violations.

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